Workshop:<br>Make your own undies<br>May 2nd 11-2 pm

Make your own undies
May 2nd 11-2 pm

Maker General


Make your own undies!!!

Please join us and make your own undies!!!! Make em for you or your valentine...your call! 

Sewing undies has never been easier! With the guidance of the scrundlewear pattern, you can sew a drawer full of undies in just a day! The different shapes of the undies suit most body types and there are different styles for your comfort. After wearing a pair of Scrundlewear, you won’t want a store bought pair ever again. The wide band option is so comfortable, you can barely tell you’re wearing them. This pattern is also great for making swimming suit bottoms.

When: May 2nd 11-2 pm

Cost $45 this does not include the pattern or supplies.