Intro to Collage VIRTUAL Workshop March 18 2021
Intro to Collage VIRTUAL Workshop March 18 2021

Intro to Collage VIRTUAL Workshop March 18 2021

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Join us for a VIRTUAL intro to collage workshop! 
When March 18 2021 6-8 pm MST
We'll explore some of the common tricks and techniques used to create immersive, surrealist worlds as well as abstract art pieces.
Analog (ie hand-cut, not digital) collage is a liberating, rewarding method that requires no previous skill or knowledge, yet which allows the artist to grow tremendously through continued practice.

We'll cover common techniques like: 
playing with scale 
juxtaposition tricks
removing/replacing elements
fracturing images 
transferring images
creating texture with tears, wrinkles, embroidery, etc.

Please bring 
1. scissors and/or blade (like an xacto knife) and cutting mat (for blades only)
2. Glue of your choice (I prefer a gluestick, but rubber cement, elmers, mod podge, or any other adhesive you like will work!)

3. Source images that inspire you--magazines like National Geographic and LIFE are excellent resources, as are books that contain images of space/planets, nature, animals, food, architecture, art, or people (I get mine from thrift stores).  
Whatever images captivate you to begin with will make the best collages!
4. Optional: extras include needle and thread to embroider on paper, packing tape for image transfers, and/or found objects that can be incorporated into a piece, like leaves, colorful trash, letters, stamps, etc.

Course cost: $30