Workshop:<br>Journaling Wormhole<br> January 25th

Journaling Wormhole
January 25th

Maker General


Is 2020 the year you want to get all organized? Do you have some goals to crush? Do you love making lists? Do you love a journal?

When: January 25th 11-2 pm

Cost: $60

Please join our pal Darin aka l.a. bookmaker for her journaling wormhole workshop.

In this class we will dive into journals and sketchbooks as a creative process, planning tool, and art form. You will learn how a blank journal can be your most effective goal setting and visualization tool. Blank journals provide the perfect canvas for customizing your planner. Whether you want to organize your tasks in a clear and beautiful way or just unload stuff from your head onto the page, a book can be a great tool.  Join Darin, owner of LA-Bookmaker as she walks you through her methods of journaling. She will share ways to organize, collect, and design page content, combining imagery and text.  And, she will share her techniques for overcoming the intimidation of a brand new blank book.

You will get to experiment with a variety of tools like stamps, stickers, tape, and stencils.

What to bring:

 - Your favorite writing and doodling tools (pens, pencils, markers, eraser, ruler)

- Your existing journal or a new one